Strange Spa Treatments

The line that divides genius from insanity is indeed a very fine line. Spa treatments, in its desire to provide people with new and effective methods, has also come up with some very strange results that can be genius or madness, depending on who's looking. Here are some of the funny, if not downright mad spa treatments that spas have come up with.

Nightingale Facial

It would be great if the facial is referring to that great nurse, but this spa treatment refers to Nightingale poo. Yes, your face would get rubbed by bird excrement. According to the proponents of this facial, there's a substance in Nightingale poo that would make your skin glow.

Fish Exfoliation

Being fish food always have had negative connotations in the movies, but for this spa treatment, it's all good. Leave it to the "doctor fish", a small species of carp to eat away the dead skin cells from your body. The treatment goes like this: you sit in a pool with all of these fish in it. These little aquatic exfoliants would then feed on the dead skin. The downside: it can be very ticklish.

Gold Facial

Glow like gold--literally--with this facial. By applying strips of 24-karat gold on your skin, it is believed that your skin would be moisturized and your wrinkles lessened. This facial gives a new meaning to looking and feeling like a million bucks.

Horseback Reiki

Reiki is the application of ki or life energy on the body's pressure points to promote body harmony and balance. But this treatment claims that through reiki on horseback, the reiki treatment would be more effective. Surely, they would have appreciated this back when the Wild, Wild, West was still in full saddle.

Sake and Wine Bath

You've got to hand it to the Japanese for being innovative. This spa treatment is found at the Hakone hot springs in Japan. You would get to soak in a hot bath of sake or wine during their stay. But it's not just about being drunk: the amino acids in the alcohol are said to have moisturizing properties.

Choco Facial

Since chocolates are praised for their anti-oxidizing properties, chocolate facial spas claim that applying chocolate directly on your face can make your skin absorb those anti-oxidants. This, spas say, leaves the skin rejuvenated and looking younger.

Caviar Foot Spa

You may not be high-class enough to appreciate the taste caviar, but the promoters of the Caviar foot spa says that your feet would at least feel rich. According to these spas, fish eggs contain marine collagen that gives nutrients lacking in the skin.

And there are lots more strange spa treatments out there. You can find facial for your buttocks and being massaged by snakes. During these occasions, you really have to be amazed at the human imagination. But do these spa treatments really work? There's no guarantee. They may be interesting, but you shouldn't just take the spa operators' word for it. These new treatments are maybe more for the experience rather than for an actual treatment.

Spa Treatment Hazards

Spas are places of pampering and luxury, but they can also be seats for a number of health hazards. It's best that you're aware of these dangers to protect yourself better. Nothing can ruin your spa treatment experience like an immediate visit to the doctor afterwards.

One major concern about spas is the possibility of infection. Since the spa environment is usually warm and moist, it becomes a good breeding ground for bacteria and other microorganisms. The risk becomes especially high in saunas, hot tubs, and communal treatment pools. Though spas do their best to keep these pools sanitized, it's not possible to get rid of all the bacteria. What you should do to prevent possible infection is to not swallow any of the liquid from the pools, and wash yourself thoroughly before and after each session.

You should also watch out for open wounds or skin irritations. If you have these, you should avoid getting into spas to prevent possible infection.

Worsened Pre-existing Conditions
The heat and moisture in the spa can also bring about problems for people with existing medical conditions. The steam and temperature in the sauna can cause asthmatics to breathe harder and suffer an attack. Hot baths also cause people with cardiac problems and hypertension to have spikes in blood pressure. It is best for people with current ailments to inform spa employees of their condition so that they could be warned against spa treatments that may trigger a negative response.

Hazards to Pregnancy
Heat is still the issue for pregnant women. This increase in body temperature can be dangerous for the infant. Chemicals used in spas can also be toxic for pregnant women. Light facials should be fine, but pregnant women should stay away from spa treatments that involve the use of heavy chemicals such as bleaching, exfoliation, and aromatherapy. But this doesn't mean expecting moms are banned from spas. Spas usually have treatments specially created to cater to pregnant women. But even so, one should take care.

Allergic Reactions
Allergic reactions are also some of the possible hazards in spas. You should ask about the oils and lotions that they use in treatments to determine if you may possibly allergic to them. This is true also for the essential oils used in aromatherapy. Some spas also use food items, like chocolate and caviar, for their treatments, so people with allergies to these food would be at risk. You should stay away from treatments which you know you have an allergy to. You should also inform the spa of your existing allergies so that they can use alternative materials for the treatment. Properly communicating your existing allergies is essential if you don't want to suffer an allergic attack later on.
Hazards may be the last things that you'll associate with spas, but the truth is that spas do present some dangers. But as with most hazards, avoiding them is easy once you know what they are. So, keep these in mind. This ensures that your spa treatment stays relaxing, and on the safe side.

Prenatal Massage

Pregnancy is a period of many changes, both physical and emotional. One way pregnant women can cope with all these changes is through prenatal massage. A hit among pregnant women, prenatal massage helps women feel relaxed, have less pain and sore areas, and experience an easier pregnancy.

prenatal massage

Prenatal massage is different from other massages in the sense that it targets pregnant women and the conditions that they encounter. Here are some conditions that prenatal massage improves:

Improved mood and disposition during pregnancy is easier attained. Mood swings and hormonal changes are considered normal during pregnancy, and prenatal massage helps ease and control these changes. Studies show that massage help increase dopamine and serotonin which improves the general mood and outlook. The stress hormone cortisol is also reduced through prenatal massage.

Swelling of the joints is also reduced since the massage helps blood circulation. Due to the increased weight of the uterus, the blood vessels are overworked leading to poor blood supply. When circulation is improved through prenatal massage, the swelling is also lessened.

Body pain is also addressed by prenatal massage. Back and leg pains can be expected due to the added weight of the baby. Through massage, these parts of the body can be relaxed and the pain from them lessened. Any stressed muscle or joint can be stimulated to become flexible and relaxed through a massage.

Due to improved blood circulation and reduced stress, prenatal massage also helps control blood pressure during pregnancy. For women at risk (not yet diagnosed) for Pregnancy Induced Hypertension, prenatal massage can allow them to keep their blood pressure rates in check.

Of course, there are counterindications to prenatal massage. Women who have diabetes, preeclempsia, abdominal pain, water and bloody discharge, and high blood pressure are generally advised against undergoing prenatal massage. The reason is that any massage or stimulation to the body can cause the conditions to worsen and endanger the mother and child. If you have the conditions mentioned above, better consult your doctor first before engaging in prenatal massage. Your physician should know best as to whether a prenatal massage is helpful or detrimental to your condition.

If you plan to get a prenatal massage, most spas and massage centers offer this service. Health providers and physical therapists can also offer prenatal massage. Just be sure that you check for the necessary certification and that the massage procedure is explained to you clearly. Be sure to communicate with the therapist any excessive pain, especially if it's within the area of the uterus and pelvis. To be safe, you can ask your doctor for recommendations on where you get your prenatal massage.

Though generally considered a blessed event. pregnancy can still be a stressful time for women. Due to all the physical and emotional changes that the infant brings to the woman's body, pregnancy can also be a tough time for women. A good way for women to deal with all these events would be to get a prenatal massage. A prenatal massage helps a woman feel relaxed, refreshed, and at ease. This leads to the uplifting of the mood and spirits, which also leads to better health for both the mother and child.